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Coral M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU

Coral M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU
CM4 Functionality Pi 5 Functionality Driver Required? More Info
None Full Yes GitHub Issue

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Description and Notes

The Coral M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU uses an interesting feature of M.2 E-key slots—it uses both lanes that are in the spec to the slot (though most board manufacturers only implement one lane per slot).

There are only a two ways to use this Dual Edge TPU with a Pi natively right now:

  • Pineboards makes a Dual Edge TPU HAT which uses a PCIe switch to connect two PCIe lanes to an E-key M.2 slot for the Dual Edge TPU specifically.
  • The Seaberry Mini ITX board for CM4 comes with slots that implement both lanes per M.2 E-key slot. But the CM4’s PCIe implementation seems incompatible with any Coral TPU (see issue #44)

The Raspberry Pi 5 model B may work with it, but right now testing is devoted to the single TPU model, since there are currently no HATs available with a dual-lane M.2 E-key slot (and it’s likely there never will be one, unless we can get the singl TPU model working reliably).