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Broadcom MegaRAID 9460-16i storage controller

Broadcom MegaRAID 9460-16i storage controller
CM4 Functionality Pi 5 Functionality Driver Required? More Info
Full Untested Yes GitHub Issue

Description and Notes

This card currently requires a few minor driver modifications to work on both 32-bit and 64-bit ARM on Raspberry Pi OS. The 64-bit version also hits a bug in the Pi 64-bit kernel: writeq() on 64-bit OS does not issue PCIe cycle, switching to two writel() works.

Driver compilation also requires setting CONFIG_IRQ_POLL=y in your kernel .config and recompiling the Pi OS kernel.

Once the card is up and running, you can use StorCLI to manage volumes through the storage controller.

For example, you can view all the drives attached to a particular backplane using storcli64 /c0 show.

To create a RAID 5 volume with four SATA drives in slots 1-4 in a storage backplane, run:

storcli64 /c0 add vd r5 name=SATAR5 drives=97:0-3 pdcache=default AWB ra direct Strip=64

I was able to get sustained 400 MB/sec read and write performance using four Kingston SSDs inside an SFF-TA-1005-compliant reference backplane connected to the card via the U.3 (SFF-TA-1001) spec.

That is equavelent to about 3.35 Gbps, which is right at the limit of what the Pi’s 1x PCI Express Gen 2.0 lane can handle (and is in line with what I’ve gotten out of multi-gigabit network cards when testing them to their limits).