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Sangoma Technologies Corp. A10x T1/E1 AFT cards

Sangoma Technologies Corp. A10x T1/E1 AFT cards
CM4 Functionality Pi 5 Functionality Driver Required? More Info
Full (32-bit kernel only) Untested Yes GitHub Issue

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Description and Notes

Sangoma is the market leader in supporting reliable SD-WAN failover solutions for large retail organizations over a T1 / E1 internet connection. Sangoma’s world-class A-series T1 / E1 data cards have been dominating the market sector since 1984, being installed into appliances of large vendors and OEMs, supporting some of the largest Point-of-Sale (POS) T1 WAN failover solutions and data applications.

Sangoma’s SD-WAN failover and data cards support transfer rates from 1.544 Mbps to 32,800 Mbps of full duplex data. Our cards are powered by a powerful driver and API suite providing support for WAN protocols such as CHDLC, Frame Relay, X.25, ATM, PPP, HDLC and MULTILINK.

Choose from 1 port of T1/E1 up to 16 ports all using only one (1) PCI or PCI Express slot. They are 2U form factors and compatible in virtually all commercial grade hardware and Linux operating systems.


This driver only supports 32-bit kernels, and needs the following added to boot/config.txt in order to support 32-bit DMA:

# Force PCIe config to support 32bit DMA addresses at the expense of
# having to bounce buffers.

Kernel drivers:

  • Patched driver with changes to support support the Raspberry Pi CM4 (32-bit kernel only.)
  • Original Wanpipe driver from Sangoma.

To compile, run “./Setup dahdi –silent”


Currently working with patched driver on 32-bit kernels only.

Support for 64-bit kernels is unlikely as the driver makes extensive use of non-64-bit aligned bitops functions, which are not supported on ARM processors, and lead to an alignment trap.