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WD PC SN520 NVMe M.2 2230 SSD

WD PC SN520 NVMe M.2 2230 SSD
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Description and Notes

This NVMe SSD works great with the CM4, assuming you have a compatible M.2 B or B+M key slot.

I tested it in the TOFU carrier board (which only had a standoff at 42mm, so I had to hold it down with Kapton tape), and was able to get the following benchmark results:

  • fio 1M seq read: 398MiB/s (417MB/s)
  • iozone 1M seq read: 363.16 MiB/s
  • iozone 1M seq write: 377.64 MiB/s
  • iozone 4k rand read: 35.50 MiB/s
  • iozone 4k rand write: 82.06 MiB/s

The drive did not seem to get very hot at all.

I also tested the drive in an A+E to M-key adapter in a 12x PCIe M.2 slot carrier board, and it worked great there too (I set up three drives in various RAID configurations using mdadm).