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Sintech M.2 (NGFF) NVMe SSD to Mini PCIe Adapter (with 20cm Cable)

Sintech M.2 (NGFF) NVMe SSD to Mini PCIe Adapter (with 20cm Cable)
CM4 Functionality Pi 5 Functionality Driver Required? More Info
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Description and Notes

I purchased this card to validate NVMe drive functionality of the mPCIe ports for slots/nodes 1 and 2 on the pre-release Turing Pi v2.

I validated everything and tested using Jeff Geerling’s disk-benchmark script from his Raspberry Pi Dramble repository.

This adapter appears to work without issue in both slots one and two on the Turing Pi v2 pre-production unit.

The Samsung 980 tested to ensure adapter board functionality performed reasonably well; results are shown below.

Benchmark Result
fio 1M sequential read 416 MB/s
iozone 1M random read 210.97 MB/s
iozone 1M random write 188.70 MB/s
iozone 4K random read 14.77 MB/s
iozone 4K random write 25.38 MB/s