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Pinedrive NVMe SSD 256GB (2242)

Pinedrive NVMe SSD 256GB (2242)
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Description and Notes

The Pinedrive NVMe SSD 256GB (2242) costs €45,99 EUR (about $50 USD as of this writing), and is verified to work with the Raspberry Pi 5 (and earlier generations).

It’s a white-labeled 3D TLC NAND SSD running at PCIe Gen 3 x4, and on a faster computer, should get up to 2.2 GB/sec reads and 1.3 GB/sec writes. On the Pi 5’s single PCIe Gen 3 lane, it should get around 850 MB/sec.

The drive has a 3 year warranty with a 1.5m hour MTBF and 200 TBW.

Benchmark Results

Tested on 2024-05-13 on a Raspberry Pi 5 at PCIe Gen 3 speeds:

Benchmark Result
iozone 4K random read 61.08 MB/s
iozone 4K random write 267.79 MB/s
iozone 1M random read 812.33 MB/s
iozone 1M random write 746.80 MB/s
iozone 1M sequential read 812.76 MB/s
iozone 1M sequential write 727.14 MB/s