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Zega PiBoy

Zega PiBoy
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The Zega PiBoy from John Maddison is an original-Gameboy-style handheld gaming build centered around the CM4.

The PiBoy uses an adafruit LCD touchscreen (model ILI9341), runs off of the CM4, has a Gameboy-esque button layout, and is getting an option to add HDMI out as well. It charges via USB-C, and can also have a USB 2.0 port for using a controller and uploading roms. The board does have solder points for an analog controller.

As far as pricing, John mentioned in a Reddit comment that “it can be anything from £20 up to around £45. With £45 being the cm4 board, shell, buttons, LCD etc. There is a bare bones version for both the cm4 and Pi3a+/ zero and they are the cheapest option and are designed with breakouts to add your own 3rd party modules for charging , audio etc, but still come with the LCD. Those will be around £20 to £25.”

He’s hoping to offer it in white, black, purple, green, blue, and red.

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