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Pintry X2

Pintry X2
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From the official project page:

The Pintry X2 is a two bay NAS (Network Attached Storage) based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. It uses the ASMedia AS1061 PCIe to Sata bridge to connect up to 2 drives (3.5’/2.5’ HDD or 2.5’ SSD) to the SoM running Linux.

The project is open source and the repository can be found here. In the repository you can find the Kicad 6.0 project and the manufacturing and assembly files (Gerbers, BoM, interactive BoM) in the OutputJob folder as well as the PDF schematic and STEP file of the board. The STEP file of the enclosure and the STLs can be found in the ‘Enclosure’ folder.

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