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DFRobot IoT Router Carrier Board Mini

DFRobot IoT Router Carrier Board Mini
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The IoT Router Board Mini is the smallest two-port dual-gigabit router board for the Compute Module 4. It is a no-frills 2-port gigabit router, with the 2nd port using an RTL8111 network chip on the PCI express bus, meaning you’ll have two full gigabit network interfaces.

It is purpose-built for OpenWRT, but can run other distributions and software that is useful in router and switching scenarios. It includes one USB-C High Speed (2.0) port, and one USB-C port to supply power (5V @ 3A max).

It can be made to work with Rasberry OS by compiling a new kernel (built in or as a kernel module).

You can cross-compile the Pi OS kernel and use menuconfig to select the right driver to build:

Device Drivers
  > Network device support
    > Ethernet driver support
      > Realtek devices
        > Realtek 8169/8168/8101/8125 ethernet support

Check out DFRobot’s documentation on the board.

You can also compile your own OpenWRT image specific to this board following instructions like these instructions from GitHub user martin-niklasson.